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How to write a personal statement for college

Writing a personal statement you should remember that it is called ‘personal’ for a reason. Your personal statement
should attract attention of the admission committee no matter what subject you are studying. So, how to write a
personal statement for college and what to include to make it individual and not like all the others? Read these
personal statement tips and see.

  • Explain why you want to study this particular course. Tell the admission committee what motivates you and how
    your interest occurred and developed. Mention what have you already done to support your interest in this course
    or just show how enthusiastic you are.
  • Prove that you fit the course. If you are crafting a personal statement for graduate school prove that you
    understand that the university level of your subject will involve certain challenges and you are ready to face
  • While you are preparing for writing, describe your activities outside the classroom. If you have pursued your
    course-related interest outside the class, tell the admission committee about it. For example, you can talk
    about your volunteering experience if you are writing personal statement for medical school. You can also talk
    about additional readings you are interested in, like books, journals, scientific periodicals, etc.
  • What is relevant to your course and your future career? Describe and reflect your experience in the field if you
    have any. If not – share your plans about your future career and explain how the course you are applying to is
    related to your choice. Make sure to make a small research to sound more conscious and specific.
  • Describe your strongest skills. Admission committee wants to know whether you have leadership, time management,
    problem-solving or organizational skills.
  • Choose the most relevant skill and describe it in detail. Whether you are working on a personal statement for
    college or a grad school, remember that a simple “listing” of your skills or experiences is not enough. Focus on
    the most related skill you have and provide specific examples of the way you have applied it in your life,
    education or work.
  • Be a critical thinker. A good personal statement should show that you can work analytically and independently.
    Explain how your A-level subjects, additional reading and extra-curricular activities has made you think more

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