Writing a Book Report with Keen Specialists

EssayTrust.com is a professional writing service that offers all kinds of homework assistance. Whether you need help with book report, college essay, term paper, lab report or dissertation – we are always by your side. We assist high school, college and university students by providing them with writing tips and practical academic assistance. Below you will find a couple of tips on how to do a book report like a boss.

How to write a book report

Other readers (and most of all, your literature tutor) will be interested what do you think about the book you have
read. Writing a book report you have to be objective and honest, whether you enjoyed reading or not. Here are some
basic tips that will show you the right way of expressing your ideas:

  • Make a few notes about the key points and plot twists before you start writing. Don’t forget to take out some
    quotes if you need them to support those points.
  • When you write book report, pretend that you are telling a story to your friend, who wants to know whether to
    read this book or not.
  • Start with a brief information about the author and the book itself. Do not retell the plot, just write a couple
    of words about it. Avoid going into detail, just mention some general information like title, author’s name,
    date of publication, genre, etc.
  • A college book report should be divided into sections for each point you are going to make. This will make your
    paper more organized and clear.
  • Try to reveal the main theme (or themes) of the book in your review. If you cannot figure out the main theme –
    read some outside sources, like comments and critics. This may hit you upon good ideas.
  • Think about the book’s genre. Is it a typical adventure story or romance? What aspects of a specific genre does
    the book use and how it goes beyond them (if does)?
  • Make sure to share your opinion about the book. Explain what thoughts and feelings it evokes in you and explain
    why. A good book report writer should have an objective point of view based on strong evidence.

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