Case Study Writing Tips

On particular college courses, case studies are an integral part of the course requirements. Often professors ask students to write them as an individual or group projects. No matter what is the situation, there are some rules and guidelines to be followed in writing a case study. Before you start writing your paper basing on these suggestions, make sure to read the requirements your tutor has given you and move in this direction to get a high evaluation of your work.

The standard structure for case studies

It should be written in a form of a critical report. Your discussion should have the following structure:

  • Start with an introduction to a case. Briefly describe what are the main spheres of company’s activity, how it
    developed, what issues it experienced (or still experiencing), and how these issues should be approached. Divide
    your key points into the separate sections of your case study.
  • The next part is a strategic-analysis. You have to make a research and analyze the problems of the business,
    their nature, and the control systems it utilizes. Here you are also recommended to create sections and
    sub-sections, including a lot of headings and subheadings for each conception or tool. This part of a case study
    research requires the environment analysis, portfolio techniques, corporate strategies and other important
    aspects of the case.
  • A case study writer should pay special attention to the third part of the paper. Here you should suggest
    solutions and give recommendations. Make sure to keep your recommendations in line with the entire analysis to
    make the sections fit together in a logical manner. Your professor will pay special attention to the third part
    of your paper since the quality of your suggestions will reveal how much effort you put into the project.

Small suggestions that will make your writing a case study even better

These minor tips will teach you how to do a case study better:

  • Do not include large pieces of information from the body of your paper in the summary section. The reader (your professor) has already read this information before and he/she knows what’s going on.
  • Professional case analysis, like Harvard case studies, are analytical no descriptive. Avoid retelling the pieces of information you have found about the company. Instead, provide the analysis of the situation.
  • If you don’t know how to write a case study in a logical manner, make sure that the sections and subsections of your discussion stem from one another. The parts should flow smoothly, from the beginning to the climax.
  • Proofread and revise your paper for several times. Spelling and grammatical errors can spoil your grade.
  • Use reliable materials for your case. Visit company’s website and download the annual report, press releases, and articles written about them. Find some information about company’s history and development at the very beginning of your project. Sometimes companies even provide information about their business if you write them a letter and ask for it.

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